Reducing our impact
Sustainability is a value and a holiday style that requires equal effort from hotels and guests. Villa Magnolia has invested in sustainable technologies, such as a “water water” heat pump, solar panels, and photovoltaic panels. The result is a holiday with a reduced ecological footprint.

Sustainable Holidays

We use the sun's energy to meet the majority of the hotel's energy needs. Our systems cool summer rooms without wasting energy on air conditioners. We ask our guests to embrace this modern way of life. The environment is an incredibly precious asset for us and our guests.

Sustainable Transport

Hotel Villa Magnolia rewards guests who choose not to use a car on holiday. Please let us know when booking your stay. We also encourage the use of electric cars, which is why we have installed two charging points in our private CCTV-equipped car park! Finally, thanks to our strategic location, guests can use our complimentary city bikes for free.

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