Torbole and Lake Garda
Modernity and tradition
The tradition of hospitality begins with our Roman grandparents, who rented rooms out at the Casa Romani to German tourists in the 1950s. Our passion and love of hospitality has been handed down over the decades to children and grandchildren.

Hotel Villa Magnolia is the result of a long history and guaranteed services carefully curated to meet guests’ needs.

The Romani Ressegotti family

The Romani Ressegotti family first opened the doors to Hotel Villa Magnolia in 1982. The children have contributed to the family business for more than 40 years, and many guests have returned with their children and grandchildren over the years. "Unsere zweite Heimat"


Hotel Villa Magnolia provides its employees with a high-quality working environment. We have a young, dedicated team who convey our values to guests through their skills and hospitality.

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