Torbole and Lake Garda
The lake or the mountains? Why not both?
Hotel Villa Magnolia is the perfect place for a lakeside holiday filled with sports, relaxation, and fun for the whole family. Our garden and pool area are the perfect place for children to play safely. You will be spoilt for choice as to where to have fun with your loved ones as our hotel is located just 100 metres from the lakeside beach. Our hospitality – which is Hotel Villa Magnolia's real strength – creates a unique atmosphere for the whole family.

The Lake

Whatever the angle, Benaco offers unforgettable views. Whether you’re visiting the more active northerly side, intending to relax on the Venetian shoreline, or planning on exploring the Brescian coast, no location will leave you unsatisfied. Nature, land, architecture, local craftsmanship, boutiques, shops, restaurants, and lots of exciting places to explore... all within a few kilometres. You can easily get about on foot, by bike, by car, by bus, or by ferry. Let yourself be won over by the endless possibilities Lake Garda has to offer active, adventurous holidaymakers!

The mountains

How high are you willing to go? How far are you willing to push yourself to see and experience something unforgettable? The mountain is a companion that can teach us a lot if we learn to appreciate and respect it. Ancient trails have guided our ancestors, soldiers, poets, and travellers of all ages. All enchanted by the charming views of the lake and mountain peaks. A land designed by nature and shaped by humankind, an often precarious balance that is nevertheless shielded and admired from atop the mountain peaks.


For those interested in discovering the hidden treasures scattered along the eastern hinterland and shoreline of Lake Garda, there are no dull or unproductive days. Mount Baldo frames and shields the villages near the lake and in the highlands. It is hard to resist stopping off for an aperitivo to watch the romantic sunset or sit in a charming village square.

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